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Get aid for ACL and Knee injuries with assistance of Arthroscopic surgeon Dr. Manu Bora

Sports are a vital part of anyone’s growth and development. They support the evolution of the body’s physical fitness and mental well-being.

People acquire a variety of abilities, experiences, and confidence through participation in sports and games, all of which are beneficial for character development. Playing sports means that someday or the other the sportsman is going to face an injury. A few common ailments are nosebleeds, sprains, strains, joint problems, and bruising. For any of these, a medical examination is crucial since the consequences of not treating an injury might turn out to be vicious. This is when the need for medical professionals with in-depth knowledge becomes significant. One such name is Dr. Manu Bora who is an Arthroscopic surgeon with expertise in ACL and  Knee injuries.

Dr. Manu Bora is one of the youngest, well-known and most successful Arthroscopic surgeons.  He has had a great success ratio in terms of ACL Internal Brace surgery. Dr. Manu Bora is one of the handfuls of surgeons in India who performs all-inside ACL and PCL reconstruction using Fibre Tape Internal Bracing.  

He has been successful in helping athletes return to their daily matches after suffering severe injuries, including PRO Kabaddi wrestlers, football players, and runners. He has achieved this by employing cutting-edge surgical techniques and technology. Dr. Manu‘s laudable skill in treating ACL injuries has given the quickest recoveries for wounded athletes. The majority of them returned to jogging just three months after ACL Internal Brace surgery. The surgery also helped them return to their games in a short period of time unlike ever before.

 Dr. Manu Bora has always had a flair for medical science and therefore, he had multiple achievements including getting 14th rank in the Pre-Medical Entrance Test in Rajasthan. Achieving 3rd rank in the Pre Post Graduate Entrance Test in Rajasthan and also bagging the 65th rank in the All India Pre Post Graduate Entrance Test. He did a senior residency in the Sports Injury Center at  Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi and now he has his own clinic. Dr. Manu Bora also had various fellowships which included Fellow Sports Medicines & Joint Replacement (Hospital Ambroise Pare, Paris), Fellow Shoulder Surgery (Instituto Clinico Humanitas, MILAN), and Fellowship in Sports Medicine, Hospital for Special Surgery (New York). He also has an Instagram page and YouTube channel by the name Dr. Manu Bora, through which he spreads awareness about a plethora of topics such as pain management, exercises, ACL, injury prevention, rehabilitation, and much more.


Ortho Sport is the orthopedic clinic incepted by Dr. Manu Bora to provide the finest care when it comes to ACL surgery. The hospital is in Gurgaon, Mumbai, Jodhpur, and Bangalore. There in order to achieve the quickest postoperative recovery with the least amount of pain, Dr. Manu Bora concentrates on minimally invasive surgery using the most cutting-edge implants and targeted therapy. By using particular regenerative medicines, transplants, and chondroplasty, Dr. Manu Bora and his team develop personalized regimens to protect joints. Till now the hospital has performed 4965 surgeries, has treated 11,062 patients, and has bagged 37 awards.

Apart from being a renowned doctor Dr. Manu Bora also worked towards his passion for modeling. From walking on the runways of India’s top fashion weeks including Lakme Fashion Week to getting a rare opportunity to walk the runway for Hermes during Paris Fashion Week, while becoming the first Indian to do so, he has done it all. Additionally, he is the first Indian model to appear in GQ Japan and Vogue Paris as well as to represent the prestigious Louis Vuitton brand. He was also featured on the covers of magazines like Vogue, The week, Business of Fashion, etcetera. All these achievements helped Dr. Manu in getting recognized by top modeling agencies. In the near future also, Dr. Manu Bora plans on continuing with both of his professions because he admires each of them. This Jodhpur boy, a rare mix of intellect and brawn, has excelled in his work as a doctor and has truly lived his dream of being a supermodel.

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